Maxon Liftgates

Maxon Liftgates

Driven by Innovation

Discover the MAXON LIFTGATES advantage at Badger Truck Equipment!

We’ve partnered the MAXON to provide you with a liftgate for every job ranging from pick-ups and other light-duty applications to the commercial heavy truck.

Since 1957, when Max Lugash invented the first Tuk-A-Way lift, MAXON has been driven by innovation. MAXON separates itself from its competitors by incorporating advances such as MaxPro® paint, the most durable finish available on a liftgate, true level ride mechanisms, automatic stowage functions, and hydraulic locks to protect the gate operator.

Evolved from this product line, the Tuk-A-Way® 72-150 and TE-20 models have resulted as the ideal economical and lightweight choices for smaller trucks with general purpose applications.

Today, Maxon offers a wide range of Tuk-A-Way® models for virtually every truck or trailer and application.
Call BTE and speak to a Maxon Technical Service Advisor for help.

MAXON prides itself on the “Quick Ship” program to get your liftgates installed quickly by reducing delivery time to Badger Truck Equipment down to 2-3 business days.

The most popular gate we sell by far is the Maxon-GPT. Maxon’s GPT series gates provide the exceptional capacity and durability for the most demanding applications.

If this gate doesn’t fit your application, contact Badger Truck Equipment to find the correct solution.

Maxon Liftgates

Did you know we have technical advisors to help you identify your best solution in lift gate uses? Find out more >

Badger Truck Equipment along with Maxon Technical Service provide a hands-on branch of our service department. Our Technical Advisors have spent years with our products. Whether your liftgate was built in 1992 or last week, our Technical Advisors will work with you to identify the best solution.

Our Technical Service provides:
On-call phone service
Installation assistance
Complex repair work / Troubleshooting
Service & warranty repair provider
Warranty Repair
On-site training

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