SaltDogg Salt Spreaders

Trailer Load Pricing

Badger Truck Equipment Teamed with SaltDogg by Buyers Products to provide you with “trailer load” pricing and spreader installation.

Buyers Products began manufacturing carbon steel SaltDogg salt spreaders in 1989 and later in 2007 expanded its line to include poly and stainless steel construction.

We’ve got you covered for SaltDogg spreaders at the best prices:

  • All Models on the ground in stock
  • Or Same Day Shipping
  • Equipment Technicians are ready to install all models

In addition, BTE has “trailer load” pricing on Buyers Products complete line including:

Towing products toolboxes, truck and trailer hardware, rubber and polymer products, dump body hardware, cables and control systems, hydraulics, pneumatics, driveline components, lights, mudflaps, snowplows, salt spreaders and snow & ice control products.

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Swenson Salt Spreaders

Preferred Provider

Badger Truck Equipment and Swenson have partnered together for over 10 years ago to provide you, our customer, with the most competitive pricing.

We have teamed with Swenson to install their salt spreaders and dump bodies for both Milwaukee County and Waukesha County. John from Milwaukee County has recognized Badger Truck Equipment as a preferred vendor, providing procurement and installation of the Swenson product lines.

For more than 75 years, Swenson has provided the best in snow and ice control equipment for municipal, government, and private markets. From the first spreader invented in 1937 by Eskil Swenson used primarily for agricultural applications to joining Aebi-Schmidt Group in 2015, the leading manufacturer of European spreaders, Swenson remains a familiar name in the snow and ice management industry.

Swenson provides a wide range of spreaders from the Tailgate 350, used on small light pickups for small bag loading applications, to the large EVA V-Box Auger Spreader, used on vehicles with GVW greater than 20,000 for municipalities whose application is roads and highways.

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