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Tommy Gate

Did You Know What a Great Company Tommy Gate is to our American Heritage?

Over the last 45 years, the Woodbine Manufacturing Company has been one-hundred percent family-owned and operated.

The company takes great pride in the work ethic, history, and traditions of its employees and strives to continue providing jobs and opportunities to the community it calls home.

It is a testament to the spirit of American manufacturing that Tommy Gate began with a single man, in a small, brick machine shop in rural Iowa.

Tommy Gate Liftgate Products

Hydraulic Lifts

Badger Truck Equipment your Distributor for the Entire Tommy Gate product line.

At BTE, our sales team is experienced in selling the correct gate to meet your needs. We make it a one stop shop with our technician team ready to install your new hydraulic gate. We have years of experience in installing and servicing Tommy Gate liftgates to give you unparalleled service.

Started in 1965 in Woodbine, Iowa by Delbert Brown, Tommy Gate continues to experience steady growth over the past 5 decades and is acknowledged as being the liftgate leader in the industry. The Woodbine factory stands on the same piece of ground where every Tommy Gate liftgate has been manufactured and assembled for over 45 years. It is a state-the-art steel manufacturing plant that embraces a combination of modern technology fused with old-fashioned, hands-on welding and tooling.

Throughout the country, the most popular G2 gate for pickups; G2 60-1340 TP38. The G2 series features dual-cylinder, parallel-arm design which allows a pair of hydraulic cylinders to apply power to both sides of the platform.

If your truck is something other than a pickup, we can work with you to get the right gate for your truck style.

The most popular gate they offer by far is the G2 series. There is a G2 gate for each body type; flatbed, van, dump, service body, and pickup.


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